A big warm welcome to The New Life Academy!

My name is Lily, I am a certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner, certified NLP Practitioner and certified Life Coach.

I believe that everyone deserves to have the life they desire, I also believe that if you have the right mind set- NOTHING can stop you from getting that LIFE. As Life is for LIVING! We can achieve this by removing any blockages that you have that are currently stopping you, we use NLP which helps us reach deeply into the subconscious which then creates quick, instant and lasting change. I focus on personal, health and career coaching- the key areas that have a huge impact on your life!

I provide hypnotherapy sessions, one to one coaching sessions and a selection of workshops which will give you the tools you need to succeed in your self development journey. Please view the Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and Workshop pages for more information and upcoming events.

Because there is no better feeling than leading a happy fulfilling life where you are growing beyond your believed potential….