NLP- What is it????


Starting my NLP journey, I have had so many people ask me “What is NLP”……funnily enough, hearing the words Neuro Linguistic Programing isn’t quite enough for most people.

My spin on explaining what NLP is, is that its something that can help create the emotional state that you want to be in. Its a very strong and powerful process which usually creates results within a few short moments.

Its amazing to see the variety of ways NLP can be used. It can release fears and phobias, remove food addictions, it can release emotional blockages, stress, anxiety. It can create confidence, peace and relaxation. It is a tool that can be used to help build relationships, it can be used in any career and any situation…….it is THAT versatile!

To start with I didn’t quite believe…..or appreciate how amazing and influential NLP is. That was until a friend kindly talked to me about NLP, about the techniques and how it worked etc. One technique that was explained to me was how to help people give up certain foods that they are addicted too, they used chocolate as an example. For those of you that do not know me personally yet, or personally back then…… chocolate was a staple part of my diet. If there was a food that I would eat EVERYDAY without fail, it was chocolate (,especially Kinder Buenos!). Well after a 5 minute chat, only explaining the technique, my chocolate cravings had disappeared………… to this day I still no longer eat chocolate. It was then I suddenly knew that this NLP was the real deal.

Going on my first NLP course, I got to experience not only helping people by using NLP techniques but I also had people use the techniques on myself. So I fully understand the way these techniques work and how easy they are to apply in a way that stays with you. The feeling of being released from emotions and mental limitations that are holding you back is just euphoric- its something that will stay with me forever. Life will never be the same, only better.

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