When is it time to check in?

Our bodies are amazing, they tell us when we are hungry, thirsty tired and we respond….. they even let us know when something is more seriously wrong. We then go to a doctor for treatment, or a dentist, or even a physiotherapist!! But what about our emotional states?

Yes, when we have problems or emotional struggles we may choose to turn to family and friends for support but would we do the same with a broken leg? Or a chest infection? When things are a little more serious than the “common cold”, how bad must it get before we are prepared to reach out to a professional?


Our bodies are so important, but our minds are too. What stops us from looking after our minds and emotional states? Is it fear of not being normal? Or perfect? We all have struggles now and again, we all have colds, infections, sprains……what about things like anxiety, stress, grief, fear, self doubt…….how big do these things really need to get before we class them as a problem? or as something that is holding us back? Why do we just choose to live with it? Or worse, let it define us?

When the pain or niggle becomes a daily battle, it can feel like the heaviest weight to carry around with us. Sometimes we don’t know where to start to let it go or how to nurse it better. Family and friends maybe around to help us voice our problems and provide some advice and support but sometimes a professional can get to the route cause a lot quicker and prescribe the right treatment.

How does life feel differently without the pain and niggles?…………How does freedom feel?

Sometimes like a chest infection, it just takes one doctors appointment to nip it in the bud. Its ok to reach out, we are all human………



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