My Personal Journey with NLP and weight loss- The progress so far…..

We may have the diet plan, the gym membership etc but if we don’t have the right mindset then lets face it…..these things really do not matter!

The 2017 picture of me is a tough one for me to look at. This picture was when my confidence and self worth were extremely low, I didn’t enjoy getting dressed up and going out, if you got the camera out I would be the one dodging out of the photo or at the very least I’ll place my 5ft 2 self behind someone so you couldn’t see my body. It’s actually really hard to relate to my old self, it’s incredible to feel the huge shift that I’ve had so far.

For the first time in my life using the glorious NLP knowledge I feel completely at peace with my body and weight loss. I actually know that I can lose weight EASILY due to having and creating the right mindset through NLP. Crazily enough since becoming NLP certified I’ve lost 9lb in 4 weeks! I’ve not changed my exercise habits and I’ve still eaten out and ENJOYED food!

My weight use to be sooooo unbelievably out of control. I was an emotional eater but I also used food to punish myself. My only successful diets were “heart break diets”. I found it easy to deprive myself in that horrible state of mind. On the opposite end of the scale I could gorge on stress, boredom and restlessness. I hate to admit this but……after a horrible shoulder joint injection for an MRI scan, I decided to eat a whole box of celebrations to my self to “soothe” the awful traumatic experience!

Evenings use to be the worst too, I’d get home from work and make a beeline for the cupboards! Nutella on toast with a cuppa tea or a few biccys would be my “pre dinner starter” while watching what I have recorded on catch up…… Dinner Dates, First Dates, Cake Boss…..hmmmm there’s a slight theme there!

Now whenever I have things jump out at me in life, I no longer feel the need to reach out to the kitchen cupboard. When I watch tv I’m not conditioned to watch it with a snack or tasty treat. I’m currently juggling alot more on a daily basis than I use to, yet I’m the smallest I’ve been in over 6 years! I even lost weight while studying and taking a 3.5hr Tax exam! This would usually be prime time for weight gain! This NLP malarkey is truly life changing.

I’m still travelling along on my weightloss journey but after losing 9lb in 4 weeks, still enjoying food, not feeling deprived, I have plenty of energy and I’ve not upped the exercise its made me sooo excited to share these NLP techniques for weightloss with those that have also shared my struggles.

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