Executive Coaching

It’s great to be ambitious, it’s so important to show that you are strong, reliable and capable in business. You maybe very aware of your strengths but, what else can you do to ensure more success in your career?


Lily has spent the majority of her career working within large international companies, including Fortune 500 companies, giving her the understanding of what is needed in order for a business to succeed.

Within her career, Lily has delivered presentations, training sessions and workshops to a number of high powered executives. When delivering presentations, it’s not only crucial to present yourself in a credible and competent way but, also in a way that engages and inspires others to your way of thinking.

Career coaching with The New Life Academy can assist you with the following:

  • Presentation Skills
  • Communications Skills
  • Boardroom Anxiety
  • Interview Skills
  • Career Goal Setting
  • Building Rapport Quickly
  • Staff Management
  • Time Management
  • Mindset Skills
  • Motivational skills

If you feel that executive coaching could be for you – then please book a free consultation with Lily to find out more.

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“Very often as a sales person, I am facing difficult and challenging situations in the negotiation process, due to the complexity of factors involved from both sides. In my personal case, the limiting beliefs and maybe a lack in confidence were holding me back from achieving the desired type of results. What Lily did to solve this problem was very effective and with immediate results.

Through some interesting NLP techniques, she placed me into a state of psychological excellence, based on a memory of time when I did something extraordinarily well in life. In my case when I had a successful speech in front of two hundred people. The best part is she taught me how to recall this optimum state very quickly, every time when I need it, so now I can always be in the optimum frame of mind for a successful sales presentation. I also learnt how to create better rapport and be more persuasive through a much better use of body language and in this way deliver my message in an efficient way that meets the outcomes and expectations of my customers. And what I liked the most, all of the above happened in a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere that made me feel very open. 

I highly recommend Lily’s services, because I believe with conviction the most important resources in our life are our thoughts and actions, and she really can bring to the surface the hidden treasure inside you. Thank you!”