“Lily, you went through a flying phobia with me at the weekend. I have to let you know that I was about to book a flight on a light aircraft – I thought oh my god that fear has gone – amazing – I would never have contemplated that in a million years. Fantastic – the magic works. Thank you”


“I heard about the service that Lily offers through an advert on Facebook. I immediately filled in an enquiry form because I felt that I needed support with my increasingly bad eating habits and thought I may benefit from the service.

After a family bereavement and job loss, I began making a lot of bad food choices. Not always eating sugary “unhealthy” foods but always eating excessive amounts of food in general. Over time, the weight unsurprisingly started to pile on. I have always exercised and I do have good knowledge of healthy eating habits, but what started as an initial comfort reaction to a series of emotional losses turned into a habit that I could not overcome. I had not experienced anything like this before. It was not just a case of lack of motivation and will power, I felt I needed support to overcome the block that I was experiencing.

When I met Lily she was very understanding of my situation and incredibly positive. The process she took me through during the session was very easy to follow and incredibly effective immediately. I felt very comfortable in her company and reassured that she was able to support me.

I have used the techniques shown to me since our meeting and I am really pleased to say that it has been so effective that I am now positive I will reach my weight loss goals for the future. I thoroughly recommend Lily’s services.”