The Mind & Body Workout

Mind & Body Workout

We believe that everyone is capable in getting the body that they want. By using techniques to create the right mind-set, exercises that are effective and learning about nutrition this gives you the tools for lasting and sustainable results. 

Everyone is different- so we offer 3 types of programs. Basic, Standard and VIP


All of our programs are run by NLP practitioner Lily Walford and Personal Trainer Tom Lowe. They offer their full support to you for the full 4 weeks to ensure that you get the best from your mind and body.

Basic Package

Our basic package includes a closed Facebook group, with daily posts of exercises, recipes and mind-set assignments. The group has a weekly Q&A session, accountability posts and a motivated community. You also receive a 40min online coaching session.

Standard Package

In addition to the basic package you also have access to your own online course to ensure to do extra mind set work, exercises and with extra nutritional advice and tips!

You also receive an extra 40 min online coaching session.

VIP Package

In addition to the Basic and Standard package you have a personalised exercise plan made by Tom and also a “Break Through” coaching session with Lily to help you work through any hidden issues that have prevented you from getting your dream body now!